Thursday, February 7, 2008

Food blogging from my sister

My whole family found out that I have a food blog. It was my fault because I liked my picture of walnut chicken so much I had to show my sister M. But I was at my sister B's house when I showed her. She heard me talking to M and then started asking DH questions like "Why is she taking pictures of her food???" The truth came out. I'm an out of the closet food blogger, at least with my family. They laughed at me.

After I left her house, B googled me to find my food blog so she could see it for herself. After several searches, she found me with "walnut chicken blog sarah." She was happy to find that I had given her credit for the recipe.

Then tonight I got this email. I thought it deserved a blog post of its own

My email from B:

Since my voice is not working I'm emailing about the shrimp tacos I made last night, you being a food blogger and all. I should just put it on your blog but I did not book mark it. Anyway, I combined a recipe for shrimp tacos and one for crab quesadillas. I cooked the shrimp in a little oil with garlic and green onion. Then I added small amount of taco seasoning and water. Then I stirred in a few tablespoons of sour cream and cooked until the saucy part thickened a bit. Then I added a generous amount of cilantro and ate on flour tortillas with jack cheese melted inside.


No one else would eat them. They all tried a bite and that's it. Oh well. Mom would have eaten them if she could. I told her not to even look in the pan.

Since tomorrow is Friday night in Lent, I'm going to try out her recipe and take a good picture for her. She deserves it!

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barbara said...

good afternoon

just found out about this food blog! not everyone in your family knew about this! hey when you read this comment give us a call. we are thinking of staying an extra day in dallas to see b and family. i guess we will see how often you check your blog.

b in chicago